WSG Energy Services, a prominent global specialist service provider, is pleased to announce the acquisition of two significant international patents for process piping system inspection, debris removal, and drying.

The culmination of our dedicated efforts and innovative approach has resulted in the successful development of purpose-built technology and engineered processes, ensuring the seamless transition from mechanical completion and pre-commissioning to the operational start-up of dry, construction debris-free pipework. This achievement is accompanied by 100 percent visual inspection records, validating the efficacy of our patented Build it Clean™ technology throughout the commissioning phase.

This milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and underscores the dedication of our team in advancing industry standards. The patented Build it Clean™ technology represents a breakthrough in waterless pipe cleaning and inspection methodologies, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and reliability in industrial services.

In addition to our innovative cleaning technology, effective data management is paramount for project success. Recognising this, we have integrated our multi-service Asset Integrity Management software to ensure seamless data management of the Build it Clean™ process within project completion and commissioning systems, guaranteeing 100 percent traceability.

Mark Loades, WSG cleanliness and preservation specialist, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the acquisition of these patents, emphasising their significant contribution to our trademarked Build it Clean™ process. “This development reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in industrial services and underscores our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to product development and look forward to continuing to lead the industry with our pioneering solutions.”

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22nd March 2024