Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd. is the industries leading supplier of single fluid heat transfer systems with over 35 years history in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of bespoke heat transfer fluid systems and some +500 custom system applications supplied.

Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd; an affiliated company of PTSC, (Process Technology Strategic Consultancy Ltd)., was the first company in the UK to introduce single heat transfer fluid applications to the chemical batch reactor market in replacing inefficient multi phase, multi process stream applications with single fluid heat transfer designs.

Long before renewable energy applications were generally considered over fossil fuel energy sources, Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd have been producing electric powered single fluid thermal systems, which are now emerging more regularly as a future industrial Low /Zero Carbon application technology.

Our vast experience in system design and efficiency are used to advise clients on fluid selections, process control accuracy, prediction of heating and cooling times and in the development of both individual, as well as complete facility heating/cooling/chilling packages, based around our clients specific processing requirements.

Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd. has an unmatched portfolio of proven site installations and varied duties, both in the UK and Internationally, all of which have been designed to ensure local code and client specifications are integrated into the finished engineered package.

If you can think of an Industrial Process heat transfer application requirement, Thermal Fluid Systems Ltd has done it !

Products and Services

Thermal Fluid Systems specialises in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of Process Heating and Cooling Facilities using the full range of heat transfer fluids available, with process operating temperatures from -100°C to +400°C.


  • Thermal Control Units / Modular packages

  • Thermal Fluid Heaters

  • Electric Thermal Fluid Heaters

  • Low Temperature Refrigeration Units

  • Gas and Oil Fired heaters.

  • Cryogenic Coolers.

  • Air Blast Cooler Systems.

  • Heat Recovery Packages.

  • Water Cooling Tower System Packages.

  • Mechanical Refrigeration Chiller packages.

  • System Control PLC Packages.


  • Thermal Fluid Selection Advisory Service

  • Thermal Fluid Systems Design Service

  • Process Optimisation

  • Problem Solving Systems Updates

  • Turnkey Thermal Projects, EPC.

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8th June 2022