FOAMGLAS® insulation solutions for tanks operating at above-ambient temperatures help ensure that your storage tanks are operating as efficient, cost-effective and sustainable as possible.

Our tank base, wall and roof systems limit heat transfer leading to immediate energy savings and emissions reductions which helps keeping overall operating costs at a minimum.

On top of this, our insulation systems provide the necessary compressive strength to support the tank and its contents, and provide mechanical, moisture, and corrosion resistance to help ensure process control and tank safety.

Our systems are not only available for newly built storage tanks but can be installed on existing tanks during maintenance stops as well.

Tank builders and terminal owners can call on the expertise of Owens Corning’s technical services team to assist with the calculation of payback periods and annual yields of the investment in a FOAMGLAS® insulation system. Depending on the storage temperature of the liquid that is being stored, the total payback period can be as short as merely months.

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25th January 2023