Dearman Systems launches LYNX, cutting-edge logistics software for the bulk liquids market:

Dearman Systems has announced the availability of its LYNX application. Developed over the past 1.5 years with an innovative industry partner, LYNX is on the cutting edge of fuel logistics software and delivers a superior customer experience for all parties in the supply chain. Dearman said: “LYNX greatly improves operations, customer experience, and enterprise-wide security”.

LYNX provides a self-service portal for optimized order management:

LYNX connects terminal operators, position holders, and customers in a real-time, self-service portal for optimized order management. It is available for a variety of transportation methods including truck, rail, and barge. Inside the LYNX application, there are unique features to adequately handle the ins and outs of each transportation method.

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28th July 2021