Upwing Energy, a gas tech innovator and service company, has announced a new collaboration with Equinor, the Norwegian energy company. Equinor, through its investment arm Equinor Ventures, has invested in Upwing to qualify its Subsurface Compressor System™ at Equinor’s Kårstø test facility for offshore deployment. This partnership aims to conduct comprehensive testing, including endurance, performance, and functional assessments, to validate the SCS’s capabilities under representative conditions.

The SCS, partly derived from the proprietary technologies of former parent company Calnetix Technologies, offers significant advantages in gas production enhancement, reservoir optimisation, and emissions reduction. It is the first tool of its kind to create effective drawdown through a downhole compressor, paving the way for a more sustainable and reliable energy future.

Equinor’s Kårstø test facility, renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and rigorous testing protocols, provides an ideal environment for assessing the SCS’s endurance, performance, and functionality. Upwing Energy and Equinor will collaborate closely to ensure the SCS’s readiness for commercial deployment and operation offshore.

“Equinor has always been visionary in its approach to energy technology and shares our belief that innovation holds the key to achieving the many economic and sustainability goals for our energy ecosystem,” said Herman Artinian, CEO at Upwing Energy. “This collaboration will provide an advanced testing ground simulating real-world offshore conditions, prime the SCS for wider commercial deployment, and significantly scale its impact.”

“Upwing Energy’s technology and its potential to accelerate and increase natural gas well production align with our commitment to long-term value creation for the Norwegian Continental Shelf,” said Torstein Grøstad, project leader at Equinor. “We are pleased to embark on the path towards qualification and offshore deployment of this powerful technology together with Upwing Energy.”

This partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing natural gas production efficiency and sustainability, reinforcing both companies’ commitments to advancing energy technology and reducing environmental impact.

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14th June 2024