In a significant move towards digitalisation in the shipping industry, UAB-Online has introduced the digital Notice of Readiness (NoR) for seagoing vessels. UAB-Online, known for its successful digital solutions in the inland waterway market, has now extended its offerings to address the critical post-arrival phase of vessels in ports.

Traditionally, the NoR has been a paper document serving as notification by the vessel that it is ready to load or discharge cargo. UAB-Online’s digital NoR eliminates the manual communication process between the vessel and stakeholders, providing real-time access to critical information.

Hans Bobeldijk, CEO of UAB-Online, expressed excitement about the introduction of the digital NoR, stating that it will save time and improve communication among vessels, ports, and terminals. The company has observed up to 90 minutes less idle time in port for vessels using their digital solutions, resulting in reduced emissions.

The timing of UAB-Online’s digital NoR aligns with the shipping industry’s increasing focus on digitalisation to enhance efficiency and meet compliance requirements. The International Maritime Organisation’s amendments to the Facilitation (FAL) Convention, which make the single window for data exchange mandatory in ports worldwide, have come into effect in 2024. UAB-Online’s digital NoR can contribute to the acceleration of digitalisation in shipping, aligning with this global initiative.

The digital NoR provides numerous benefits to key stakeholders, including terminals, traders, vessels, shipping companies, and agents. Terminals can benefit from improved documentation and immediate availability of arrival timestamps for planning purposes, as well as a uniform recording of timestamps that can aid in resolving demurrage claims. Traders gain insight into ship arrivals and can use the uniform recording of timestamps to resolve demurrage claims. The digital NoR also contributes to a standardised process compared to the use of different versions of NoR documents by seagoing vessels.

UAB-Online is launching its digital NoR with key terminal customers in the Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Antwerp (ARA) range, including Liquin Terminals, Koole Terminals, VTTI, and Maasvlakte Oil Terminal. Terminal managers and officials from the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Amsterdam have praised the digital NoR for its ability to optimise planning, increase transparency in load/discharge readiness, and support emissions reduction goals.

The introduction of UAB-Online’s digital NoR marks a significant step forward in digitalising processes and enhancing logistics efficiency in the port ecosystem. By digitising and sharing event data between supply chain partners, the entire port ecosystem can benefit from improved resource utilisation and increased operational efficiency.

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16th April 2024