30.11.15. Fosmax LNG is to offer a transhipment service at the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal, near Marseilles, France.


With effect from 1 December, The new service follows the signature of an exclusive partnership agreement between Fosmax LNG and Teekay Marine Solutions Ltd, formerly SPT Marine Services, which specialises in LNG ship-to-ship (STS) transfer.


The service will allow Fosmax LNG’s clients to transfer LNG with the use of cryogenic hoses, by mooring two vessels in double banking alongside the terminal jetty. Moreover all the boil-off gas (BOG) generated will be managed by the terminal.


Transhipment using the Fos Cavaou infrastructure provides a higher level of availability, the partner companies claimed. The terminal offers favourable marine conditions of the Mediterranean, including a jetty that is protected from swell, an absence of tides and an access channel that can accommodate two vessels at the same time.


Fosmax LNG has received more than 250 vessels since 2010, and a rate of use that is among the highest in Europe (35 percent in 2015 and 37 percent in 2014). It is continuing to expand its range of services to provide LNG players with greater flexibility through its majority shareholder Elengy, which has been operating LNG terminals since 1965, with over 9,000 cargoes unloaded.



1st December 2015