Today marks a significant milestone as TotalEnergies celebrates its 100th anniversary on March 28th, 2024. Over the past century, the company has exemplified pioneering spirit, perseverance, and innovation in the energy sector, evolving from the Compagnie Française des Pétroles into a multi-energy powerhouse that holds a prominent position in the global energy landscape.

The journey of TotalEnergies has been made possible by generations of dedicated individuals who have contributed their boldness, passion, and commitment to the company’s success. Operating in nearly 130 countries worldwide, TotalEnergies expresses gratitude to every employee, partner, and stakeholder, both past and present, who has played a role in this remarkable journey.

Throughout its history, TotalEnergies has continually adapted to technological advancements and societal changes, merging with teams from renowned entities such as Hutchinson, Petrofina, Elf Aquitaine, Saft, Maersk Oil, Eren, and Direct Energie. Initially established to secure France’s oil supply, TotalEnergies now embraces the challenge of addressing global energy demand while striving for carbon neutrality.

Maintaining its pioneering spirit, TotalEnergies is committed to leading the energy transition by developing innovative technologies and reinventing itself to meet the evolving needs of society. With a focus on affordability, sustainability, reliability, and accessibility, TotalEnergies aims to provide energy solutions that benefit communities worldwide.

As TotalEnergies embarks on its next century, it remains dedicated to pioneering progress and shaping the future of energy for generations to come.

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28th March 2024