TGE Gas Engineering is delighted to share exciting news regarding the progress of the 240,000 m³ Propane Storage Tanks Extension Project for SP Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Following a smooth and efficient gassing up process, both 120,000m³ cryogenic propane storage tanks were successfully cooled down on 07.03.2024 and 19.03.2024, marking a significant milestone in the project’s advancement.

Simultaneously, the liquid propane levels within the two storage tanks, T240 & T250, have been established, and the boil-off gas is efficiently re-liquefied by two compressors, C380A/B, in conjunction with propane condensers and economizers. The terminal is currently operating with stability and reliability in line with the meticulously crafted design.

The company extends their heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in this project, with special recognition to the dedicated commissioning team for their exceptional contribution to this remarkable achievement.

The current expansion of the propane storage tanks, T240/T250, with integrated process areas, serves as an extension of the recent TGE Project (SP Chemicals 400,000m³ Light Hydrocarbon Storage Project), which encompasses three 120,000m³ propane/ethane storage tanks with a comprehensive process handling system.

Notably, the 240,000 m³ Propane Storage Tanks Extension Project marks the fourth collaboration between TGE and the esteemed client over the past two decades, underscoring our enduring partnership and commitment to delivering excellence in engineering solutions.

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26th March 2024