STX Group, a prominent player in environmental commodities trading and climate solutions, joins forces with Norsk e-Fuel, a frontrunner in the European e-fuel arena, to propel biogenic CO2 deliveries to upcoming Norsk e-Fuel production sites in the Nordics.

The collaboration addresses significant hurdles impeding the growth of the European Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage sector, including inadequate CO2 transportation infrastructure and scalable CO2 source availability. Leveraging STX Group’s established presence in the biogenic CO2 market, the partnership aims to supply the requisite physical volumes for Norsk e-Fuel’s operations.

Sead Keric, managing partner of renewable gas at STX Group, asserts, “This partnership with Norsk e-Fuel marks a significant step forward in our commitment to driving long-term sustainability. By merging our growing expertise in CO2 sourcing with Norsk e-Fuel’s pioneering efforts in e-fuels production, we can create a solution that benefits the environment and contributes to a low-carbon economy.”

Norsk e-Fuel spearheads the industrialization of e-fuels production, primarily targeting the aviation industry. The partnership capitalises on the surge in e-fuels production, facilitated by specific legislation and rising environmental consciousness, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels that can slash greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99  percent.

Karl Hauptmeier, CEO at Norsk e-Fuel, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to partner with STX Group as a major aggregator of renewable gases, securing additional sources of biogenic CO2, a crucial element for our e-fuel production process. This collaboration strengthens our efforts in supplying solutions to the decarbonisation of the aviation industry, particularly as we expand production beyond Norway.”

Backed by committed offtakers and strategic shareholders, Norsk e-Fuel is forging ahead with a project pipeline to produce drop-in ready e-fuel, encompassing access to sites, technology, offtake, and feedstock. For CO2 alone, the company targets securing 700,000 tonnes annually by 2030.

Building upon STX Group’s recent collaboration with biomethane plant developer Perpetual Next Conversions, the partnership with Norsk e-Fuel underscores its dedication to cultivating the biogenic CO2 market. STX Group underscores the potential of innovation and partnerships in establishing a robust and efficient e-fuels value chain.

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15th April 2024