Stolthaven Terminals is delighted to announce that Mr Lee, their partner in the joint venture Jeong-IL Stolthaven Terminal, has been recognised by the president of Korea for his significant contributions to the development of the Port of Ulsan and the storage terminal industry. The Port of Ulsan is one of South Korea’s major petrochemical industrial centres.

Located within the port, JSTT stands as the largest bulk-liquid storage facility in the Ulsan/Onsan industrial complex. The facility provides critical services to customers in the chemical, specialty liquid, and petroleum industries. Additionally, it functions as Stolthaven Terminals’ North Asia Pacific distribution hub and Stolt-Nielsen’s transshipment point for both domestic and regional distribution.

Guy Bessant, president of Stolthaven Terminals, expressed his admiration, stating, “Mr Lee has been a true partner with Stolthaven in our JSTT joint venture. The recognition he has received from the president of Korea for his services to the industry is well deserved.”

In the accompanying photograph, Mr. Lee is pictured on the right with Kang Do-Hyung, minister of the ministry of maritime affairs and fisheries.

Stolthaven Terminals is proud of the achievements and recognition of their partner, and they look forward to continuing their successful collaboration at JSTT, further advancing the industrial capabilities of the Port of Ulsan.

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6th June 2024