Smartflow, an award-winning digital solution in tank storage and port operations, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Diize, the innovative provider of the BAS (Barge Arrival Services) platform, focusing on revolutionizing barging operations in the ARA (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) region.

The collaboration represents a significant step forward in improving the efficiency and safety of tank storage terminals and ports at all stages of digital maturity.

The partnership integrates Smartflow expertise in digital ship-shore safety checklists with Diize’s BAS platform, a cutting-edge solution for barging operations.


A highlight of this partnership is the strength of Smartflow’s Digital ISGOTT solution as an open platform, ensuring seamless integration with Diize’s BAS. The essence of this partnership lies in its focus on the needs of tank storage terminals, especially since it brings a new meaning to what value for money stands for.

This collaboration is driven by the vision to replace the current practice of using separate systems for managing barges and sea-going vessels with a singular, more efficient solution. Both Smartflow and Diize bring a wealth of knowledge in terminal operations and digitalization, understanding the critical need for a cohesive system. This open platform approach demonstrates the Parties’ commitment to flexibility and adaptability, allowing for easy integration with existing systems at tank storage terminals and port operations.


Recognizing the strategic importance of the ARA region as a key logistic hub in Europe, this partnership targets the unique operational challenges and opportunities within the Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam areas on top of the international scope of both solutions.

The integration of Smartflow’s Digital ISGOTT solution with BAS ensures that both terminals in this region and outside of it can leverage the latest in digital technology and give them a larger bandwidth to make strategic decisions when it comes to streamlining their operations, improving safety protocols, and enhancing overall efficiency.

‘Our collaboration with Diize aligns perfectly with our vision of a unified ecosystem for liquid bulk operations, with terminals at the forefront. Through our joint solution for seagoing vessels and barges, we are transforming the terminal experience into a seamless and comprehensive system, establishing a new benchmark for operational excellence in the tank storage industry.’ Jelle Swanenberg, COO at Smartflow

‘Diize and Smartflow joining forces is a game changer for most tank terminal operators all around the world. Tank storage operators of all sizes have been waiting for a modular, safe ‘turnkey solution’ at an unbeatable price.’ David Lusztig, Director at Diize

There are four main reasons why tank storage operators choose the BAS platform and Smartflow’s Digital ISGOTT solution for their terminal and port operations: 

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamlining the coordination between ship and shore operations, reducing turnaround times, and optimizing and shortening vessel stay.
  • Improved Safety and Compliance: Advanced digital checklists and real-time monitoring capabilities increase safety standards and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: The open platform nature of Smartflow Digital ISGOTT, combined with the efficiency of BAS, leads to significant cost savings for terminals and ports.
  • Ease of Integration: The flexibility of Smartflow Digital ISGOTT ensures smooth, hassle-free integration with existing systems at terminals.


This partnership between Smartflow Digital ISGOTT and Diize is not just a step forward for both companies but a leap forward for the tank storage terminals and ports in the ARA region. We are committed to safety, future-proofness, ongoing innovation, and collaboration, ensuring that our solutions continue to meet the evolving needs of the sector.

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12th February 2024