On November 8, Sinopec’s first PEM hydrogen production demonstration station began operations at the Yanshan Petrochemical plant in Beijing. This is the first demonstration of Sinopec’s use of renewables to produce green hydrogen.

The station uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen using technology developed by the Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing. It uses photovoltaic, wind energy and other renewable electricity to make green hydrogen.

The station has high stability, good safety, and high hydrogen production efficiency. The hydrogen production efficiency of the proton exchange membrane electrolyser is over 85 percent. The demonstration station achieves zero carbon emissions and zero pollution throughout the entire process of production and application.

Ling Yiqun, deputy general manager of Sinopec Corporation, attended the project launching ceremony and announced the commissioning of Sinopec’s PEM hydrogen production demonstration station. He said that hydrogen energy, as the clean energy with the most development potential, is of great significance to promoting the energy transition and promoting the sustainable development of the global economy.

Sinopec said that its aims remain becoming the world’s leading clean energy chemical company, take hydrogen energy as the key direction of new energy development, and strive to build China’s top hydrogen energy company.

Sinopec said it has accelerated energy transformation and industrial upgrading, and comprehensively promoted the construction of the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, the company says. At present, breakthroughs have been made in various fields such as hydrogen refuelling stations, hydrogen production technology, hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen storage materials.

Sinopec’s annual hydrogen production capacity exceeds 3.9 million tons, accounting for about 11 percent of China’s annual hydrogen production. Sinopec has built 7 sets of hydrogen purification production plants in Yanshan Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical and other subsidiaries, and 31 hydrogen refuelling stations in 17 provinces. During China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, Sinopec plans to build 1,000 hydrogen refuelling stations and will strive to become China’s top hydrogen energy company.

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12th November 2021