Shell Retail Engineering Network has recently implemented the NanoVapor suppression system as the best practice to ensure the safety of underground storage tanks. This system is in accordance with Standard 08.18, which aims to establish specific requirements and preferred methods for making petroleum storage components safe.

The main objective of this standard is to minimise the risk of explosion by either rendering the components inert or making them gas-free before any work is conducted. By incorporating the NanoVapor suppression system, Shell is able to replace other more contaminant, expensive, unsafe, and time-consuming processes such as water filling, nitrogen purging, and dry-ice methods.

With over 250 deployments in 17 countries, the NanoVapor suppression system has proven to be highly effective in ensuring the safety of underground storage tanks. This advanced technology not only enhances safety but also contributes to a sustainable world.

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16th April 2024