Inter Terminals Sweden, in collaboration with SAS, is embarking on an expansion project to convert its aviation fuel facility in the Port of Gävle into a sustainable aviation fuel blending and storage facility. This initiative involves repurposing tanks previously used for conventional fossil heating oil storage to facilitate the blending and storage of SAF.

SAS has set an ambitious environmental target to fuel its flights in Scandinavia with SAF equivalent to its total fuel consumption by 2030. This necessitates a significant increase in the share of sustainable aviation fuel annually. The investment in expanding the aviation fuel facility in Gävle will play a crucial role in achieving this target, with the new facility scheduled to commence operations in the summer of 2024.

Ann-Sofie Hörlin, head of sustainability at SAS, underscores the importance of proactive partnerships and investments across the value chain to facilitate the transition to more sustainable flights. Hörlin emphasises the necessity of increasing the usage of SAF, highlighting its direct correlation with reduced flight emissions.

Johan Zettergren, managing director of Inter Terminals Sweden, acknowledges the strategic advantage of Gävle’s proximity to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and its well-established logistics infrastructure for both maritime and rail transport. Zettergren expresses enthusiasm for collaborating with SAS on this project, affirming Inter Terminals’ commitment to supporting the aviation industry’s goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Fredrik Svanbom, CEO of the Port of Gävle, applauds the initiative led by Inter Terminals Sweden and SAS, emphasizing the importance of expanding the capacity for handling SAF in Gävle. Svanbom highlights the project’s alignment with the port’s overarching strategy of fostering a green transition and establishing a sustainable logistics and energy system.

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19th March 2024