R-taso Oy, specialised in 3D design and manufacture of industrial walkway solutions, delivers lower carbon footprint maintenance platforms, stair towers and walkway solutions to Stora Enso Oulu, as the site is being converted from a paper machine into high quality containerboard production.

R-taso´s products are known for their one third lower carbon footprint when compared to more traditional industrial walkway solutions, due to the clever modular product design requiring more than 30 percent less steel compared to traditional structures.

Stora Enso project´s carbon footprint was calculated by R-taso Oy. The project´s stair tower has a carbon footprint of 9,502 kg CO2e. Compared to more traditional stair tower structures ca. 5,000 kg CO2e environmental savings are accumulated.

The main influencers to lower carbon footprint number are more intelligent design, optimised use of raw materials, and the origin country of the steel. In addition to assessing the environmental impacts of the production processes, also the decisions made during the factory´s construction is important, e.g. the origin of used materials and optimising the amount of steel.

CEO Ville Törmänen said: “Intelligent design accumulates remarkable benefits also during the life cycle. The carbon footprint of a single product is not the main point; it is a question of everyone doing their share. The big picture counts.

“R-taso´s intelligent modular product structure utilises the right amount of steel in the exact right place. We are specialised in demanding industrial targets, so reliability and work safety of our solutions are the directive values in our design and production – but it doesn’t need to mean compromising clever use of raw materials or discarding environmental points of view.”

For more information visit www.r-taso.fi

26th May 2021