Pumps 2000 has set a industry standard for flow rate with its latest technology in diaphragm pumps. The company has introduced the world’s first 3” HV High-Volume Ball Valve & 4” HV High-Volume Slurry Valve Pumps. 

These air-operated, dual-diaphragm pumps have flow rates of 416 GPM and 540 GPM respectively and deliver significantly greater volumes at every point on the curve over other designs. 

Both models utilise a patented 4” air motor, containing the best features of the Pumps 2000 line, and its design is the world’s most efficient. These pumps are ideal for the most demanding applications in many industries, including oil & gas, mining & tunnelling, chemical, construction, food processing, general manufacturing, marine, pollution control, pulp & paper, railroad, sanitation, and water & wastewater markets.

The Pumps 2000 designs will out-perform and outlast all others due to a number of patented design features. Several patented features make it possible for Pumps 2000 to offer market-leading low life cycle cost while delivering outstanding performance in the harshest environments as these pumps are designed specifically to handle abrasive, solid-laden, slurry and corrosive fluids. 

Key features and benefits include:

  • Patented long-life diaphragm and self-cleaning valves
  • Large solids handling of up to 1.3” and 3” respectively
  • Longer-lasting, self-lubricating, non-stalling, anti-icing modular air motor components that never require lubrication
  • Conductive plastic (FRASplas) safe for explosive environments, rated and certified to ATEX M1
  • High Suction lift
  • Maintenance In Place (MIP) – can be repaired onsite and no end of life.

For more information visit www.pumps2000.com

22nd November 2018

22nd November 2018