Proton Ventures, a Netherlands-based engineering and project management firm specialising in ammonia, covers the entire green ammonia value chain. From small- to large-scale green ammonia production, storage, handling, decomposition, and various applications, Proton Ventures offers comprehensive services.

With operational reference projects in Estonia, Bulgaria, and Morocco, Proton Ventures stands out as one of the few terminal designers with practical experience. From feasibility studies to engineering, procurement, and construction, Proton Ventures integrates cracking technology seamlessly into terminal designs.

Founded by Hans Vrijenhoef, a former Kemira ammonia plant manager, Proton Ventures boasts extensive expertise in ammonia operations. Over the years, the company has assembled a team of nearly 70 skilled engineers dedicated to advancing ammonia technology.

Recognised for its commitmProton Venturesent to safety and innovation, Proton Ventures has been invited to co-chair the revision of the Dutch ammonia storage and handling standard, PGS-12. With the growing demand for secure ammonia terminals, this initiative aims to modernise guidelines for safe operations, setting a benchmark for international standards.

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20th March 2024