PT Pertamina has recently achieved a noteworthy milestone by attaining a B score from the esteemed global non-profit organisation CDP. This notable “management” level score signifies CDP’s acknowledgment of Pertamina’s concerted efforts towards climate change mitigation and water resilience.

Fadjar Djoko Santoso, vice president of corporate communication at Pertamina, elaborated on the significance of this achievement, highlighting Pertamina’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Since joining the CDP Climate Change initiative in 2021, Pertamina has been diligently disclosing its decarbonisation strategies. The company’s consistent efforts led to yet another B score in 2023, showcasing its continued dedication to sustainability practices.

In addition to climate change initiatives, Pertamina has also made strides in disclosing water security data, achieving a commendable B- score. Fadjar emphasised that this score reflects Pertamina’s proactive approach to addressing environmental impacts and ensuring robust environmental management practices across its operations.

Pertamina’s multifaceted approach to tackling climate change includes initiatives such as decarbonisation, energy transition through new business development, and the development of new and renewable energy sources. Notably, Pertamina has implemented Pertamina Water Tools, an innovative internal tool aimed at identifying and mitigating water risks in its operational areas, further underscoring its commitment to water efficiency.

Fadjar highlighted the significance of Pertamina’s participation in CDP reporting, stating that it enhances the company’s accountability in terms of environmental responsibility and strengthens its competitiveness in the industry.

Revealing Pertamina’s current standings, Fadjar noted that the company’s scores are now at the industry average level for oil and gas extraction and production, with a B score for climate and a B- score for water categories.

CDP director Dexter Galvin commended Pertamina for its proactive approach to managing environmental and social impacts, noting the company’s influential role in this regard.

As a leading company in the energy transition, Pertamina remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the Net Zero Emission 2060 target. The company’s initiatives directly contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals and align with environmental, social, and governance principles embedded across all its business lines and operations.

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22nd March 2024