Nordic Storage are currently implementing a new and improved operating management system. Nordic Storage asked André Svensson, one of their HSEC Coordinators, a few questions regarding the implementation.

André, what are the main benefits of the new OMS?

“The new OMS is a better and more effective way to ensure the safe, reliable, and responsible operations throughout our business. The aim of the OMS is to achieve quality at all levels and ensure the safety of our company, our customers, and our employees. The OMS describes how we conduct our business, why we do it and evaluates so that we can continuously improve our operations. This enables us to act in accordance with best practice. Everything we do must be anchored in a controlled system that everyone knows about.”

Last year Nordic Storage attended the Aquarius Energy International HSEC Summit in Fujairah. For the first time the HSEC departments from the entire Aquarius Energy group gathered to share best practice and participate in safety seminars and on-site visits.

André, could you please share your key takeaways from the summit?

“We are stronger together than if we function as individual units in the group. By having the summit, the connection within the group becomes stronger and we can share experiences, which benefits everyone in the future. Just this week I’ve been in contact with group colleagues in both Ghana and Argentina, the exchange is ongoing and the possibility to share feedback is so valuable. Outside of our own HSEC department at Nordic Storage, we have about 50 HSEC employees within the group who can help each other. It’s a win-win situation.”

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5th June 2023