Neste and SQUAKE, a leading technology provider for powering carbon calculations and providing tangible compensation for all travel and logistics emissions, are announcing a strategic partnership that enables businesses to purchase Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ through flight booking systems using SQUAKE’s technology.

Travel companies using SQUAKE’s technology infrastructure can now provide their business customers an opportunity to opt for sustainable aviation fuel, for instance during their booking process or by including SAF automatically in all bookings by the company.

Goodwings, a climate-focused travel management platform that helps businesses reduce their emissions, is the first travel management company to incorporate the option to purchase SAF in their booking platform. Goodwings enables their global client network to mitigate their emissions and fly more sustainably using Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel. With SQUAKE’s technology embedded in Goodwings’ travel platform, all processes from SAF order creation and invoicing to document management are fully automated.

Neste, Goodwings and SQUAKE are proud to empower businesses and travelers towards building a more sustainable travel industry by accelerating use of SAF to significantly reduce air travel-related emissions.

“SAF has been around since 2008, and yet it only accounted for 0.1 percent of the world’s total jet fuel consumption in 2022. At Goodwings, we’re on a mission to change that. This strategic partnership brings together three businesses that share a deep commitment to changing the status quo of the travel industry. With Neste’s world class SAF, SQUAKE’s sustainable travel and logistics, and Goodwings’ innovative B2B business model, we’re primed and ready to accelerate the green transition,” said Christian Møller-Holst, CEO and founder of Goodwings.

“Neste is working closely together with innovative and industry-leading partners such as SQUAKE and Goodwings to leverage the full potential of sustainable aviation fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from air travel. We are proud that this partnership broadens the opportunities for business travelers to voluntarily reduce the carbon footprint of their air travel by purchasing our SAF and credibly reporting the emission reductions achieved,” said Susanne Bouma, head of partnerships and programmes from the renewable aviation business unit at Neste.

“This partnership realises the core purpose of our solution: Connecting change and decision makers at scale to maximize and accelerate the sustainable transformation of the travel industry. Being trusted by such forward-thinking market leaders is yet another proof of the scalability and relevance of our solution,” stated Philipp von Lamezan, CEO and Co-founder of SQUAKE.

Sustainable aviation fuel

SAF is a renewable aviation fuel providing a more sustainable alternative to conventional, fossil based jet fuel and widely recognised as a key solution to reduce aviation related emissions. Using Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent over the fuel’s life cycle compared to using fossil jet fuel. Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is produced from used cooking oil and animal fat waste, 100 percent renewable raw materials which are sustainably sourced. SAF is blended with conventional jet fuel before use and it works seamlessly with existing aircraft engines and fueling infrastructure.

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22nd September 2023