MFE Inspection Solutions, a leading provider of industrial inspection solutions, is proud to introduce the BAQ alphaDur Mini II, a state-of-the-art innovation in Ultrasonic Contact Impedance hardness testing technology. This cutting-edge device represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor, boasting enhanced features designed to elevate the efficiency and precision of hardness testing in the field.

Enhanced Features for Superior Performance

The alphaDur Mini II introduces several key advancements that benefit inspectors, ensuring seamless operation and reliable results. Its upgraded 3.5“-TFT-LCD color display with 640 x 480 pixels offers unparalleled clarity, enabling easy data reading in various lighting conditions. This enhanced visibility is crucial for fieldwork efficiency, allowing inspectors to work confidently in diverse environments.

Optimised Data Management and Connectivity

With expanded memory capacity of 8 GB eMMC-Flash-Memory, the alphaDur Mini II facilitates extensive data collection and analysis, eliminating the need for frequent data transfers during testing. Furthermore, the integration of a USB Type-C port modernises data management, enabling direct data transfer to PCs for streamlined analysis. This, coupled with a substantial battery life improvement of approximately 10 hours, ensures uninterrupted operational capabilities for extended inspection periods.

Key Upgrades at a Glance

  • Enhanced Display: Transition from a 2.4“ color LCD to a 3.5”-TFT-LCD color display for clearer, more detailed visuals in various environmental conditions.
  • Expanded Memory: Increase in memory capacity to 8 GB eMMC-Flash-Memory, accommodating over 1 million measurements for comprehensive data collection.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Integration of a USB Type-C port enables direct data transfer to PCs, enhancing flexibility in data management.
  • Extended Battery Life: Addition of a new 6800 mAh Li-ion battery extends operational time to approximately 10 hours, ensuring reliability over prolonged inspection periods.

Future-Ready Technology

In addition to these upgrades, upcoming enhancements, such as Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE technology, will further augment the capabilities of the alphaDur Mini II, ensuring it remains at the forefront of hardness testing technology.

Commitment to Excellence

“MFE’s dedication to innovation is exemplified in the BAQ alphaDur Mini II,” says MFE Inspection Solutions CEO, Dylan Duke. “We are committed to providing solutions that meet our clients’ demanding needs and elevate the standards of hardness testing.”

“We have improved an already excellent predecessor model,” adds BAQ CEO, Michael Eder. “The alphaDur Mini II offers increased accuracy and reliability, transforming testing into a more precise and efficient process for professionals.”

MFE is committed to supporting its customers in seamlessly transitioning to the alphaDur Mini II, offering comprehensive support and guidance to leverage its advanced capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency.

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21st March 2024