MFE Inspection Solutions has recently announced its partnership with Voliro, a leading innovator in drone technology. The partnership involves the use of the Voliro T drone, which boasts omnidirectional capabilities and the ability to exert significant force and torque to structures, allowing for greater manoeuvrability in any orientation, height, or location.

The Voliro T drone is equipped with semi-autonomous flight modes and sophisticated pilot assistance, ensuring safe and effortless navigation even in GPS-unavailable environments. It also features a modular payload system equipped with multiple integrated sensors for diverse inspection needs and is open for custom third-party payloads.

The partnership between MFE and Voliro promises to revolutionise the inspection industry by offering safety, efficiency, and speed, with zero personnel exposure to height risks and up to 50 times faster operation compared to conventional methods. The drone is designed for service providers and asset owners alike, making it an ideal addition to MFE’s arsenal of external inspection equipment.

This partnership highlights MFE’s commitment to drive innovation and equip its customers with the most advanced technology in the inspection industry. Customers can now gain real-time insights into their critical infrastructure through Voliro T’s end-to-end digital workflow and geo-located inspection data.

Overall, this partnership between MFE Inspection Solutions and Voliro is set to transform the inspection industry by offering a safe, efficient, and advanced inspection process for customers.

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13th June 2023