McDermott has proudly announced the mechanical completion of a groundbreaking industrial-scale biosurfactant plant for Evonik. Within less than two years from the contract award, Evonik has successfully initiated the production of Rhamnolipids, a bacterial surfactant poised to revolutionise cleaning products and greatly reduce their environmental footprint.

The project solidifies Evonik’s position as a trailblazer in the production of high-quality, sustainable biosurfactants on a commercial scale.

The comprehensive contract encompassed engineering, procurement, and construction management services for the new biosurfactant plant. Engineering and procurement services were conducted from McDermott’s office in Brno, Czech Republic, while construction management operations took place at Evonik’s site in Slovakia.

Rob Shaul, McDermott’s senior vice president of low carbon solutions, expressed admiration for the remarkable achievement, emphasising the dedication of the team and their seamless collaboration with Evonik. He highlighted the significance of Rhamnolipids in advancing the burgeoning biosurfactant market, heralding a new era of sustainable cleaning and personal care products.

McDermott was chosen as Evonik’s partner for the pioneering biosurfactants project in 2021, reflecting the company’s expertise and commitment to driving sustainable solutions in the chemicals industry.

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2nd April 2024