The International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA), a leading industry association representing the liquid terminals sector, is pleased to announce the promotion of Leakhena Swett from executive vice president to president.

Ms. Swett has dedicated nearly five years of service to ILTA, consistently showcasing exceptional leadership and a profound understanding of the industry’s dynamics. Her elevation to the role of president acknowledges her remarkable contributions and positions her as a pivotal figure in shaping ILTA’s strategic direction.

As president, Ms. Swett will assume broader responsibilities in shaping ILTA’s vision, advocating for the industry, and spearheading initiatives to further propel the liquid terminals sector. Leveraging her extensive knowledge of the organisation, industry stakeholders, and member requirements, she will play a key role in advancing ILTA’s mission of promoting safe and efficient operations, fostering innovation, and addressing industry challenges.

Ms. Swett’s expertise in operations, governance, and membership has been instrumental in driving ILTA’s growth and expanding its network of industry professionals. Her proven track record in developing effective marketing strategies, engaging members, and nurturing partnerships will be invaluable in her new capacity as she collaborates with the ILTA team and industry stakeholders to enhance ILTA’s value proposition for its members.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Ms. Swett stated, “It’s an honour to assume the role of president at ILTA. I look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with our outstanding team and esteemed members as we work towards advancing the liquid terminal industry and meeting the evolving needs of our stakeholders. In my new capacity, I aim to focus on fostering innovation, strengthening partnerships, and advocating for the industry, all with the goal of enhancing ILTA’s value to its members and driving industry progress.”

Ms. Swett’s promotion underscores ILTA’s commitment to recognising exceptional talent and empowering its employees to excel. As ILTA continues to shape the future of the liquid terminals industry, Ms. Swett’s leadership will be instrumental in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and promoting best practices across the sector, setting a new standard for ILTA’s future endeavours.

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19th April 2024