LBC Tank Terminals, a global operator of bulk liquid storage facilities, recently announced its associate membership with Chemical Recycling Europe. CRE is an industry association focused on promoting and advancing the concept of chemical recycling in Europe, with a particular emphasis on closing the loop for plastics through collaborative efforts and sustainable technologies.

Rene Loozen, the business and market intelligence manager at LBC Tank Terminals, expressed confidence in the benefits of their newly acquired membership. Loozen stated, “We are confident that our membership will provide us with invaluable insights and will facilitate the development of a robust network within this emerging value chain.” LBC Tank Terminals is eager to contribute to the ongoing progress by sharing their expertise in safe and sustainable storage solutions.

By becoming an associate member of CRE, LBC Tank Terminals is actively aligning itself with the goals and vision of the association. This partnership signifies their commitment to promoting a circular economy and finding innovative ways to tackle the challenges of plastic waste. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, LBC Tank Terminals aims to play a significant role in advancing chemical recycling within the industry.

As an influential player in the storage solutions sector, LBC Tank Terminals’ membership in CRE will undoubtedly contribute to the association’s mission of driving positive change in the chemical recycling landscape.

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16th November 2023