ENEOS Corporation, led by president Saito Takeshi, and JFE Steel Corporation, under the leadership of president and CEO Kitano Yoshihisa, have initiated a collaborative study for the utilisation of CO2-free hydrogen at the Mizushima Industrial Complex in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. Both companies, situated within the complex alongside numerous industries, recognise the potential for large-scale hydrogen use in the future. Their joint efforts will focus on studying the development and utilisation of a facility to receive, store, and supply CO2-free hydrogen within this area.

With the ambitious goal of establishing a CO2-free hydrogen supply chain by 2030, ENEOS and JFE Steel will explore expanding the supply chain beyond 2030 and leveraging hydrogen effectively to achieve a decarbonised society. As outlined in the ENEOS Group’s Long-Term Vision, ENEOS is committed to pursuing a stable supply of energy and materials while striving for a carbon-neutral society. As part of this commitment, ENEOS is investigating the establishment of a hydrogen supply chain using organic hydride, specifically methylcyclohexane, known for its suitability in storing and transporting hydrogen.

Simultaneously, the JFE Group has unveiled its Environmental Vision for 2050, placing climate change initiatives at the forefront of its management priorities. JFE Steel, a subsidiary of the JFE Group, is actively researching innovative technologies such as carbon recycling blast furnaces and direct hydrogen-reduction steelmaking. Under the auspices of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation, JFE Steel is engaged in research and development projects focused on low-carbon technologies utilising external hydrogen and CO2 from blast furnace exhaust gas.

By leveraging their existing infrastructure, assets, and accumulated expertise, ENEOS and JFE Steel aim to achieve carbon neutrality at the earliest opportunity. Furthermore, the companies will collaborate with other stakeholders to promote carbon neutrality initiatives in the region, contributing to the realisation of a sustainable society.

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22nd March 2024