JGC Holdings Corporation, led by Masayuki Sato as representative director, chairman, and CEO, has announced its decision to invest in AP Ventures Fund III, a venture capital fund based in the United Kingdom. This strategic investment aims to bolster JGC HD’s competitiveness in exploring cutting-edge technologies in hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.

Managed by AP Ventures LLP, headquartered in London, UK, the fund represents the third fund in AP Ventures’ portfolio. With a primary focus on the global hydrogen value chain, the fund also targets investments in CCUS technology ventures.

Since 2013, the AP Ventures team has been actively investing in the hydrogen industry, fostering the development of a comprehensive hydrogen value chain worldwide. Through its first two funds, AP Ventures has invested in over 20 promising companies, accumulating extensive knowledge and expertise in the sector.

Aligned with its commitment to realising an environmentally conscious society and enhancing energy access, the JGC Group has identified hydrogen and ammonia as key areas for investment. These energy sources, which produce no CO2 emissions during combustion, are seen as pivotal in the transition towards a decarbonised future. As part of its long-term management vision, “2040 Vision,” JGC prioritises energy transition as a cornerstone of its future growth strategy. Strengthening collaboration with ventures possessing innovative technologies in hydrogen, ammonia, and CCUS is deemed crucial to achieving these objectives.

Through its investment in the Fund, JGC Group aims to enhance its proposal capabilities and competitiveness in the hydrogen, ammonia, and CCUS sectors. By forging closer ties with ventures at the forefront of technological innovation, JGC seeks to accelerate the development and deployment of sustainable solutions for a decarbonised society.

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22nd April 2024