As part of Japan’s efforts to decarbonise by 2050, its Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is looking to develop a market and supply chain for the use of ammonia as a fuel.

By 2030, ammonia could make up 10 percent of Japan’s power portfolio. METI wants to expand its use as a fuel to 3 million tpa by then.

It has published roadmaps towards 2030 and 2050 which outline the use of ammonia as fuel for shipping and in power generation. METI produced the roadmaps in collaboration with a committee made up of private sector representatives.

By 2030, METI aims to achieve 20 percent ammonia co-firing at its coal-fired power stations, eventually increasing this to 50 percent.

It hopes to develop technology for 100 percent ammonia-fired power generation by 2050. Demand for hydrogen could reach 30 million tpa by 2050.

Demand is currently around 1 million tpa, with domestic supply accounting for 80 percent of that. However, the roadmap outlines plans to develop logistics and infrastructure, including storage and port facilities, to import more ammonia from overseas, and Japan is urging its companies to invest in supply chains.

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10th February 2021