Gizil’s dedicated team has worked tirelessly to boost the send-out capacity of the LNG plant, enabling them to meet the growing demand for clean and reliable energy.

This comprehensive project was aimed at increasing the send out capacity of the LNG Terminal. The scope of the project included the Electrical and Instrumentation works which were carried out with a keen focus on safety, quality, and timely delivery. The work involved product supply, dismantling, installation, testing, and commissioning for a variety of systems. The specific components of the project scope included:

• 6.3kV System: Revamping the existing system and enhancing the capacity of the medium voltage system.
• 0.4kV System: Upgrading the low voltage system to improve efficiency and reliability.
• Metering Station: Delivering a fully equipped metering station, along with its integration into the existing facility.
• Automation System Including ESD Integration: Design, supply, and installation of a comprehensive automation system with integrated Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system, improving safety and process control.
• Instrumentation: Supply and installation of a variety of instrumentation devices, enhancing the plant’s measurement and control capabilities.
• Fire & Gas Detection System: Installation of a robust Fire and Gas detection system, ensuring improved safety standards for the facility.
• Medium Voltage Cables: Supply and installation of medium voltage cables, as part of the upgrade of the 6.3kV system.
• Low Voltage Power Cables: Supply and installation of low voltage power cables, supporting the upgrade of the 0.4kV system.

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31st May 2023