Ellen Ruhotas, the representative of Zenith Energy Terminals Europe, was honoured with the Hydrogen Medal for her exceptional contributions to the development of an innovative green hydrogen chain. This initiative holds immense significance for Amsterdam’s hydrogen import position and, consequently, for the Netherlands as a whole. The award was presented by Mr. Han Feenstra, one of the founders of the National Hydrogen Programme and a senior policy staff member at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, on behalf of Port of Amsterdam.

Ellen Ruhotas has swiftly emerged as a prominent advocate for the Dutch hydrogen industry, particularly for Amsterdam. Her charismatic and enthusiastic approach is not only infectious, but also fosters collaboration among all stakeholders in the import chain. She has played a pivotal role in establishing partnerships with countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Germany.

Her innovative approach has expedited the development of liquid hydrogen as a viable transportation solution. Ellen consistently prioritises the Dutch interest and tirelessly works towards positioning Amsterdam as a central hub in the global hydrogen corridors. Through her relentless efforts, she is transforming the Netherlands’ vision of becoming a hydrogen hub into a tangible reality, all while emphasizing the importance of collaboration.

The projected future demand for hydrogen in the Netherlands is expected to surpass the domestic production capacity of green hydrogen. Consequently, the import of green hydrogen will play a crucial role in meeting this anticipated demand. The Port of Amsterdam is focused on non-ammonia vectors, such as Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) and liquid hydrogen (LH2), in order to establish a 100% green value chain. Zenith Energy Terminals, as the operator of a prominent energy storage and distribution facility in the port of Amsterdam, plays a vital role in realizing this ambition. The company is actively developing its own liquid hydrogen import, storage, distribution, and regasification facility in Amsterdam, with the aim of providing international hydrogen producers access to the Dutch and European hydrogen markets.

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9th February 2024