Honeywell has announced its Upstream Production Performance Suite (UPP Suite), an end-to-end solution that automates and digitalises operation from the well head to the control room. The suite will help eliminate unplanned downtime, prevent failures and recover autonomously from known failures.

Honeywell’s UPP Suite enables oil and gas companies to improve production efficiency and asset reliability while reducing operating costs with intelligent controls and predictive analysis packaged into one end-to-end tool. The solution is offered in three tiers – Lite, Supreme and Ultimate, providing a variety of control and monitoring options for operators.

Lite offers users a basic sensing and monitoring solution, complete with Honeywell Versatilis™ sensors and software. Supreme is a standard solution with process enhancement that adds a control and safety system, advance process control, and asset performance monitoring. Ultimate offers users the most comprehensive and complete solution, adding visual analytics cyber and network security, partner solutions and asset performance monitoring simulation.

“Honeywell’s UPP Suite provides customers with an integrated end-to-end solution that automates and digitises their operations to improve efficiency and reliability,” said Chad Briggs, vice president and general manager of Projects and Automation Solutions at Honeywell Process Solutions.” Upstream customers can now operate more efficiently with reduced operator variability by deploying this new integrated solution from the field to the boardroom.”

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21st June 2023