Hexagon Digital Wave, a business of Hexagon Composites, has received an equivalency certificate from Transport Canada authorising the use of its Modal Acoustic Emission technology to requalify composite overwrapped pressure vessels used in virtual pipeline trailers manufactured by Quantum Fuel Systems which are subject to periodic inspection and testing once every five years.

This equivalency certificate opens a new market for Hexagon Digital Wave’s MAE technology in Canada and further positions the company as the leader in the North American requalification market.

Driving energy transformation

“Hexagon Digital Wave’s MAE technology provides a faster, and more accurate means of assessing structural integrity in cylinders used to transport compressed gases. We are excited to offer the benefits of our superior technology to Canadian customers that enables safe and efficient operations,” says George Siedlecki, CEO, Hexagon Digital Wave.

With the issuance of this TC-SH 13911 equivalency certification, Transport Canada becomes the second regulatory agency authority with high pressure compressed gas cylinder oversight to acknowledge and approve the benefits and safety provided by MAE testing.

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18th September 2023