Gasum has entered into a liquefied biogas supply agreement with the Finnish company Vieremän Lämpö ja Vesi. Under the agreement, Gasum will supply biogas to Vieremän Lämpö ja Vesi’s biogas terminal starting in the autumn.

Vieremän Lämpö ja Vesi Oy is a company owned by the municipality of Vieremä and includes district heat, water and sewage treatment plants. District heat in the municipality is produced almost entirely with renewable biofuels.

The municipality of Vieremä has a biogas-based project under construction, where the first phase will involve a reception terminal for liquefied and compressed biogas, a backup biogas-fired power plant and a gas filling station serving transport. In addition, biogas can be used by industry and for electricity generation in Vieremä.

Gasum will supply the biogas to the terminal in liquefied form, meaning LBG. Gasum produces biogas in its own 17 biogas plants in Finland and Sweden and buys it from certified Nordic and European suppliers.

The LBG will be regasified so that it can also be compressed into CBG, which is suitable for refueling gas-powered passenger cars. The plan is for the terminal to be in use in early autumn, and the gas filling station will also open for everyone at the same time.

Aiming to create a biogas ecosystem

The project aims to create a biogas ecosystem in Vieremä. In practice, the introduction of biogas will increase security of supply, replace the use of heavy fuel oil in backup power production and allow industry in Vieremä to switch from using fossil gas to using biogas.

Vieremä also wants to create a market for locally produced biogas, which will pave the way for investments in biogas production as a new business for farms in the region. The goal is to switch to using biogas produced by local farms in the biogas terminal in stages as investments get underway.

In addition, the project will make biogas available as an alternative vehicle fuel for local residents and businesses. The project also means that the municipality of Vieremä will switch to using biogas-fueled vehicles in its own operations and in outsourced services.

Vieremä is a municipality in the North Savo region in eastern Finland and has a population of around 3,500. Vieremä is home to a lot of metal industry, but also, for example, concrete products manufacturing. Ponsse, a large manufacturer of forestry machinery, has its headquarters and factory in Vieremä.

The lifecycle emissions of biogas are 90 percent lower on average compared to traditional fossil fuels. Gasum’s strategic goal is to bring 7 TWh of renewable biogas yearly to market by 2027. This would mean annual savings of 1.8 million tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions for Gasum’s customers.

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1st June 2023