As global uncertainty continues to disrupt day to day life and energy costs surge to unprecedented levels, the need for accurate measurement of gas, steam and other fluids vital to industry has never been more important.

Gas, steam, compressed air and industrial gases are expensive commodities and now, more than ever, it’s essential that we only use what we really need, and that we minimise any wastage.

Contrec flow computers are the ideal choice for factory managers, process engineers and business owners to keep a keen eye on their energy usage, not just as part of the drive towards being carbon neutral, but in being able to keep their usage as low as possible.

Modern day flow computers can accurately compute the volume, mass, energy, temperature and pressure of the fluids, display these values for operators but also log and retransmit all these values back to the DCS or Scada systems where they can then be analysed for potential peaks, troughs, leaks that might not otherwise be found. Examples could be over use of gas when not required, highlighting faulty steam trap leaks, or air compressors being undersized for their duty and consequently costing more to run than they should. Contrec flow computers can help locate and improve all these issues when installed within a suitable metering system.

Contrec Gas and Steam flow computers operate with virtually all flowmeter types, can be installed in control rooms, field mount, or hazardous areas and provide traditional pulse and 4-20mA outputs or Modbus/Ethernet communication outputs for direct connection to third party supervisory systems.

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20th September 2023