Getech, a renowned global leader in subsurface resource location, has entered into a strategic partnership with Expro, a leading energy services provider, to accelerate the development of low-carbon geoenergy projects. The collaboration aims to drive advancements in geothermal energy, natural hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) initiatives.

This partnership leverages the combined strengths of Expro’s expertise in well evaluation and integrity, and Getech’s proficiency in locating valuable subsurface resources. The collaboration also harnesses the power of proprietary data, geoscience knowledge, and cutting-edge machine learning technologies. The primary objective of this alliance is to identify and expedite opportunities in the emerging energy sector, aligning with the shared vision of transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

With Expro’s extensive global presence spanning across 60 countries, this partnership is uniquely positioned to have a global reach. The initial focus of the collaboration includes assessing tender opportunities in regions such as Europe, Asia, and Central America.

Beyond the immediate emphasis on geothermal, CCS, and natural hydrogen, this collaboration has the potential to enhance Getech’s asset-based projects. By accessing Expro’s diverse capabilities, Getech can augment its domain-specific expertise and offerings.

Max Brouwers, chief business development officer at Getech, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Many low-carbon energy projects rely on efficient subsurface drilling – either to produce a direct energy resource such as heat or natural hydrogen, or to store resources safely underground such as CO2. Our alliance with Expro and access to its well expertise enables us to offer comprehensive solutions in response to the growing demand for renewable energy sources. Together we can address complex energy challenges more efficiently and help organisations decarbonise by offering subsurface low carbon solutions.”

Ingrid Huldal, director for Sustainable Energy Solutions, highlighted the alignment between Expro and Getech’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. She emphasised Expro’s expertise in wells, spanning geothermal, CCS, and natural hydrogen projects, and expressed pride in collaborating with Getech to extend their joint capabilities across the project lifecycle. This strategic partnership enhances their value proposition, streamlines project management, reduces operational expenditure and risk, and aligns strongly with their shared environmental commitments. Huldal also emphasized the synergies between Expro and Getech, positioning them to play a pivotal role in advancing and supporting renewable and decarbonisation technologies.

The partnership between Getech and Expro holds great promise in driving the development of low-carbon geoenergy projects and contributing to the global efforts to combat climate change. Through their combined expertise and shared commitment to sustainability, they are poised to make a significant impact in the energy sector.

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26th March 2024