Date: Oct 22, 2024 - Oct 23, 2024
Location: Vietnam 2024

Step into the 5th Asia Pacific LPG Expo – Vietnam 2024, a premier event spearheading the evolution of the LPG market in the Asia Pacific region. This exceptional gathering attracts over 1000 LPG experts and showcases the offerings of more than 20 exhibitors from over 10 countries. It serves as a pivotal platform for leaders, industry experts, and government representatives within the LPG sector to cultivate meaningful connections, share innovative ideas, and unveil their latest products and services.

The demand for Asia Pacific Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) reached 159.681 Million Tonnes in 2022, projected to reach 201.611 Million Tonnes by 2030, growing at a robust CAGR of 4.64%. This growth is propelled by the increasing embrace of clean and sustainable energy sources, global LPG regulations, and a heightened awareness of the benefits associated with using LPG as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

Vietnam, hosting the 5th Asia Pacific LPG Expo, is advancing energy security through a forward-looking strategy, drafting a new decree to facilitate the LPG business. This regulatory framework, covering mini LPG cylinders, aligns with Vietnam’s significant LPG imports, totaling 193,658 tonnes with a turnover exceeding US$116.8 million. The expo not only explores market opportunities but also addresses vital LPG regulations, supporting businesses in the dynamic LPG industry.

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3rd May 2024