Ergon’s dedication to doing right is exemplified through its ongoing efforts to reduce emissions, environmental impacts, and energy usage. In recognition of these sustainability initiatives, two of Ergon’s Energy & Specialty Solutions companies, Ergon Refining Inc. and Resinall Corp., received accolades from EcoVadis in 2023.

EcoVadis, a global platform focusing on sustainability ratings and practices, evaluates companies based on environmental impact, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Scores ranging from 0 to 100 are assigned, with recognition in the form of bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medals.

ERI demonstrated notable progress, upgrading from a bronze to a silver medal in the 2023 evaluation, showcasing its commitment to continuous improvement. Similarly, Resinall earned a bronze medal for the first time, underscoring its dedication to sustainable practices.

These achievements underscore Ergon’s steadfast commitment to doing right across its products, for the planet, by its people, and through its principles. They serve as a testament to Ergon’s ongoing efforts to uphold environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

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25th March 2024