Ergil, renowned globally for its expertise in engineering and manufacturing solutions for the oil, gas, and water industries, has proudly announced the successful conclusion of a pivotal infrastructure endeavor, identified as Project No: P.171.23, in collaboration with the Arab Towers Contracting Company in Jordan. This significant project involved the meticulous design and construction of a sophisticated wastewater conveyor system, spanning from the Ain Ghazal Pre-Treatment Plant to the As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant, showcasing Ergil’s unwavering dedication to advancing essential water management and environmental sustainability initiatives across the Middle East.

Project Scope: The project’s comprehensive scope encompassed the design, material supply, fabrication, inspection, testing, packaging, and delivery (CIF) to the Port of Aqaba, Jordan. Specifically, the contract called for the production of one 64”X60” PN 25# horizontal Pig Launcher and one 18”X16” PN 10# horizontal Pig Receiver, strategically engineered to facilitate the efficient maintenance and inspection of the wastewater conveyor pipeline.

Design and Engineering Excellence: In adherence to the rigorous European Norm EN 13445 standards, Ergil’s engineering team meticulously crafted these critical components to withstand a design pressure of 25 Bar for the Launcher and 10 Bar for the Receiver, with a design temperature range of -5 / +50 °C. Such precision engineering ensures the system’s resilience and reliability, effectively accommodating the demanding environmental conditions and operational requirements inherent in wastewater management.

Material Selection and Construction: For this project, Ergil employed only the highest-quality construction materials, utilizing P355GH for the body, P245GH for flanges, and P265GH for pipes. These materials were carefully chosen for their exceptional durability and suitability for the task at hand, ensuring the longevity and operational efficiency of the conveyor system.

Contribution to Jordan’s Environmental Objectives: Ergil’s successful execution of Project No: P.171.23 underscores its capability to deliver superior infrastructure solutions tailored to meet the distinct requirements of its clientele. The wastewater conveyor system stands as a critical component of Jordan’s efforts to enhance its water management infrastructure and promote environmental sustainability. By facilitating the seamless transfer of wastewater from the Ain Ghazal Pre-Treatment Plant to the As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant, this system plays an instrumental role in the treatment and recycling of wastewater, significantly contributing to the preservation of Jordan’s water resources.

A Vision for Collaboration: The completion of Project No: P.171.23 not only reinforces Ergil’s reputation as a trusted partner for engineering and manufacturing services within the water and environmental sectors but also underscores the company’s steadfast commitment to supporting the development of sustainable infrastructure projects worldwide. Ergil’s collaboration with the Arab Towers Contracting Company on this endeavor serves as a testament to the potential for future partnerships aimed at advancing Jordan’s infrastructure and environmental aspirations.

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9th February 2024