Energy Starter, an open innovation program spearheaded by EDP to propel the global energy transition, has handpicked nine innovative startups to advance to the Bootcamp phase of the initiative. Scheduled from April 16th to 18th in Singapore, this Bootcamp represents a critical juncture for these startups as they delve into disruptive ideas poised to revolutionise renewable energy and green hydrogen – strategic domains pivotal for both the energy sector and EDP’s trajectory.

Following an initial module dedicated to solutions for the electrical grids of the future, this second phase underscores the quest for startups wielding disruptive innovations applicable to renewable energy and green hydrogen. These areas hold strategic importance for EDP’s growth trajectory as it aims to achieve expansion targets for renewables and expedite their deployment, particularly in sectors where decarbonisation poses significant challenges. With EDP boasting over 23.8 GW of installed capacity and aspiring to double this figure by 2030, the company stands as a global leader in this arena. Notably, green hydrogen emerges as a rapidly burgeoning technology and remains a focal point for EDP, which maintains a strategic objective of investing in projects guaranteeing an additional 1.5 GW capacity by 2030.

Tomás Moreno, head of innovation ecosystem at EDP, affirms the indispensable role of innovation in driving the energy transition, stating, “At EDP, innovation is not just a strategic advantage, it is essential to the energy transition.” He further elaborates on the global outlook of the Energy Starter initiative, highlighting its inaugural Bootcamp in Asia as a pivotal step towards deeper engagement with vibrant ecosystems such as Japan, South Korea, and India.

The selection process for the startups entailed an online pitching event followed by extensive consultations, gathering feedback from various business units and innovation teams across different geographies within the EDP Group. During the upcoming Bootcamp, scheduled for April 16th and 17th, the chosen startups will collaborate closely with EDP experts to expedite the development of pilot projects and businesses. Furthermore, they will gain access to potential financial support and leverage the expertise and network of EDP Ventures, the venture capital arm of EDP.

The culmination of the Bootcamp will witness an Open Day event on April 18th, providing a platform for the global energy and innovation ecosystem to witness the outcomes and impact of EDP’s innovation initiatives. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore disruptive technologies and projects driving a more accelerated and efficient energy transition. Featuring esteemed speakers such as Sophia Ng, executive director at Enterprise Singapore, and Lawrence Wu, chief financial officer at EDP Renewables APAC, the Open Day promises to be a forum for networking and interaction with industry luminaries committed to a greener and more sustainable future.

Over the course of seven editions, Energy Starter has curated a cohort of 192 startups from 27 countries, collectively embarking on 75 pilot projects, 28 commercial rollouts, and 15 venture capital investments. These ventures, amounting to €24 million in deals, have already commenced reshaping the energy landscape, heralding a future marked by innovation and sustainability.

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28th March 2024