CLH has increased the storage capacity of its Barcelona facility by 22,000 cbm and has improved the operations, safety and environmental protection of all its activities.

The company invested more than €10 million in expanding the storage capacity of its Barcelona facility and on other operational improvements to increase oil product storage and transport capacity in the Mediterranean region.

It built two new storage tanks of 11,000 cbm each, representing a total investment of over €3 million. Thanks to the new tanks, the capacity of this facility has been increased by an additional 22,000 cbm.

Furthermore, the company has allocated €7 million to operational improvements in the tanks, increasing pump flows and improving the safety and environmental protection measures of the facility. These investments will lead to an increase in the productivity of the plant, as well as providing flexibility to attend more effectively to the new demands of customers.

The main investment under this heading has been dedicated to the adaptation of six tanks to enable them to store different products, thus enabling the company to attend better to current market demands. An amount of €2.4 million has been allocated to this item.

In addition, €1.8 million has been allocated to the construction of a new water treatment unit, which will lead to improved functioning of the system.

Moreover, new pumps have been installed with a higher flow rate and some sections of the pipeline that share entry flows from the moorings with other movements have been split, making it possible to carry out delivery and despatch operations simultaneously and to handle different products. The investment allocated to this item amounted to €1.2 million.

Lastly, various improvements have also been introduced in the safety and environmental protection systems of the facility. Specifically, €1.7 million has been invested in improvements to the fire protection system; buried pipelines have been replaced by above-ground pipelines to prevent possible environmental impacts, and a system has been installed for the identification of compartments in tankers to increase safety in road tanker loading operations that take place in the loading areas and prevent the risk of overfilling.

After this expansion, the Barcelona plant has 44 tanks with a total storage capacity of almost 500,000 cbm, two berths with a draught of 13.5m and 11.56m for the loading and discharging of vessels, each one with six automated discharging arms, and another berth with two arms for barges, as well as the road tanker loading area.

The CLH Group is the leading company engaged in the transport and storage of oil products in the Spanish market, with a pipeline network of over 4,000 kilometres in length and 40 storage facilities with a total capacity of 8 million cbm, as well as 28 airport facilities.

In addition to the Barcelona facility, the company has three other storage centres in Catalonia, located in Tarragona, Girona and Lleida. The CLH pipeline network in the region has a length of 340 kilometres and it connects all the facilities to each other, linking with the rest of the network in the province of Lleida.

Furthermore, the company is also present, through its subsidiary CLH Aviación, at the airports of Girona and Barcelona, with two plants at which it provides into-plane fuelling services to aircraft.

In total, the CLH Group has a storage capacity in Catalonia of over 700,000 cbm.

In 2018 the company supplied 6.3 million cbm of fuel to the different oil operators to attend to the demands of end users in the region.

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29th March 2019