Civacon, a part of OPW® Fluid Transfer Solutions and a world leader in tank-truck components and systems, is pleased to be able to offer a complete array of product-training opportunities for its distributor and end-user customers. These training sessions are available to any new customers or those considering using Civacon for their future trailer specifications. The training events can also be especially beneficial for an existing customer’s new employees who would like to learn more about Civacon products, though they can also be a valuable refresher exercise for a customer’s more “veteran” employees. Topics covered in the training sessions include a review of Civacon product offerings, how they work, how they can benefit the customer’s tank-truck and cargo-trailer operations and how to troubleshoot any operational issues that may arise.

The training session’s content can also be customized to meet the customer’s individual needs. General training sessions – which can be performed via on-site demonstrations or virtually – can take as little as two hours with entire days sometimes required for more in-depth training opportunities. The goal of every training session, no matter the length or topic, is to give attendees a better understanding of Civacon products, which will make them more knowledgeable and confident when selling or using the equipment or systems. At the conclusion of the training event, attendees will receive PowerPoints or PDFs of the presentations that they can use for future reference. The training sessions also create valuable one-on-one collaboration and networking opportunities for the attendees and Civacon sales staff.

“We’ve participated in many types of training events and Civacon training is the best in the industry,” said Taylor Craigen, vice president of sales at The Jack Olsta Company, Huntsville, TX. “Our people come away well informed and able to turn what they learned into a better way to sell and utilise Civacon products, which provides long-term benefits for our business.”

If you are interested in either attending or hosting a Civacon training event, please reach out to your regional sales manager for more information on available training locations, dates, times and topics.

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13th May 2024