Axpo has recently entered into a cooperation agreement with French energy investor ENEGO to explore the feasibility of establishing a 100 MW green hydrogen plant in Sicily. The announcement of this collaboration was made today. The proposed project is slated to be situated within the Priolo-Augusta industrial complex on the eastern coast of the island.

This initiative aims to contribute to the establishment of a ‘hydrogen valley’ stretching between Catania and Siracusa, catering to the burgeoning demand for green hydrogen from industries in the surrounding vicinity. For Axpo, this represents a significant stride forward in its strategy of actively participating in the advancement of the green hydrogen economy, both within Switzerland and across Europe.

Axpo, in partnership with HYNEGO, a division of ENEGO Holding, will conduct a thorough assessment to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a 100 MW green hydrogen production facility in southeast Sicily. Depending on market demand, there exists the possibility of scaling up the plant’s capacity to a maximum of 300 MW. Positioned within the Priolo-Augusta petrochemical complex, the envisaged plant aims to generate green hydrogen primarily for local industrial applications and transportation purposes.

Moreover, the establishment of this plant is expected to foster the creation of a ‘hydrogen valley’ in Sicily, potentially integrating into the broader European hydrogen network through initiatives such as the European Hydrogen Backbone initiative. This strategic move underscores Axpo’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and embracing the transition towards a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

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10th April 2024