AUMA has recently introduced an explosion-proof version to its popular PROFOX actuator series. The new PROFOX-X actuators bring the advantages of the small and smart PROFOX actuator series to applications in potentially explosive atmospheres. Designed to meet the requirements of modern plant automation, these versatile actuators have received ATEX and IECEx certifications for the highest gas group IIC T4, including hydrogen, ensuring safe operation in potentially hazardous environments.

Similar to the entire PROFOX line, the PROFOX-X series offers multi-turn, part-turn, and linear actuators, providing automation solutions for various valve types in the lower torque and thrust ranges. With its compact design, the PROFOX-X actuator is well-suited for tight spaces, such as skid installations.

The PROFOX actuators are known for their energy efficiency and low carbon footprint. They are designed with high-quality craftsmanship in Germany, offering a wide temperature range and premium corrosion protection for enhanced reliability and a long service life in challenging process conditions.

These smart actuators are suitable for both OPEN-CLOSE duty and modulating applications. The motor speed is adjustable, allowing for fast and precise positioning, while soft start and soft stop functionalities contribute to increased valve lifetime.

In terms of connectivity, PROFOX actuators support fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet communication, providing flexible and easy integration with host systems. Additionally, the embedded data logging feature of the actuators aligns perfectly with AUMA’s digital ecosystem, CORALINK, enabling advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

The PROFOX actuators can be conveniently operated through an app, saving time and resources during installation and commissioning. The actuator status is easily visible at any time, thanks to the centrally placed LED, known as FOX-EYE, and the position indicator on the housing, even from a distance.

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20th March 2024