At the China Development Forum 2024, Aramco’s president & CEO, Amin H. Nasser, delivered remarks pledging the company’s commitment to China’s future growth and development. Addressing a distinguished audience of guests and strategic partners in Beijing, Aramco expressed pride in its role as one of China’s most reliable energy suppliers, emphasising mutual respect and cooperation.

Beyond energy, Aramco highlighted five key areas of collaboration where significant investment opportunities exist:

  1. Chemicals: With Aramco’s ownership of SABIC, major investments in chemicals are underway, aligning with China’s robust chemicals industry.
  2. Lower GHG Emissions Materials: Aramco’s NEXCEL centre in Beijing focuses on developing environmentally friendly materials, supporting China’s sustainability goals.
  3. Sustainable Development: Aramco sees opportunities in joint efforts to develop advanced emission reduction technologies, in line with China’s commitment to sustainable development.
  4. Lower Carbon Energy: Collaboration in renewables, hydrogen, and electro fuels could align with both nations’ climate ambitions.
  5. Advanced Technologies: Aramco and China share interests in digital technologies, Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, and venture capital investments.

Aramco emphasised its dedication to China’s energy security and role as a partner in economic development. The company aims to be at the forefront of China’s growth journey, contributing to the nation’s transition towards a high-quality economy.

The speech concluded with gratitude and appreciation, reinforcing Aramco’s commitment to elevating the partnership with China to unprecedented heights.

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27th March 2024