Air Liquide played host to members of the State of Texas Legislature and guests of the Greater Houston Partnership during their “ATX2HOU: Beyond the Bayou” event, where legislators explored various key sites across the greater Houston area. As part of the event, Air Liquide welcomed legislators to their La Porte, Texas hydrogen facility, providing them with insights into the significance of clean hydrogen production and Air Liquide’s role in driving projects aimed at accelerating the hydrogen market.

Throughout the tour, legislators gained an understanding of Air Liquide’s involvement in six of the 7 recently announced Hydrogen Hubs by the U.S. Department of Energy, its membership in the newly established Hydrogen Production Policy Council, and its leadership as Chair of the Texas Hydrogen Alliance. Additionally, Air Liquide showcased its operations, including the world’s largest hydrogen storage cavern in Spindletop Texas, emphasising its commitment to advancing the hydrogen market and transitioning towards a low-carbon future.

Adam Peters, CEO of Air Liquide North America, along with Andrew Garnett, president of Large Industries North America, and Katie Ellet, president of Hydrogen Energy and Mobility, joined hydrogen advocates to discuss Air Liquide’s expertise across the value chain and highlight Texas’ role as a leader in energy expansion.

“Air Liquide is proud to lead the development of the hydrogen value chain in Texas, leveraging our history and expertise. As the world’s leading hydrogen producer and home to one of the major industrial basins, Texas is poised to drive the energy expansion forward,” said Adam Peters, CEO of Air Liquide North America.

During the tour, legislators engaged with Air Liquide experts, including John Jackson, Abby Derkits, Margaret Ferenz, Iryna LaGrone, Taahira Guzman, Kelsey Smitherman, Melissa Schmitzer, and Chris Connor, to explore Air Liquide’s innovative technologies in hydrogen production. Discussions included Air Liquide’s proprietary Cryocap™ H2 & Cryocap™ FG technologies, which efficiently capture carbon in existing steam methane reforming plants, leading to significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

Christian Bionat, vice president of public policy and advocacy at the Greater Houston Partnership, highlighted the importance of Air Liquide’s involvement, stating, “Air Liquide’s leadership in the hydrogen sector is crucial, emphasising the industry’s significance to state lawmakers and regulatory agencies. Collaborations like these provide invaluable insight into the pivotal activities driving Houston’s regional growth.”

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26th March 2024