Advario Singapore is thrilled to announce its participation in Enterprise Singapore’s Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2023. As a company that values curiosity and innovation, Advario aims to challenge the status quo and reinvent the way businesses operate.

The Open Innovation Challenge invites innovative minds to devise sustainable solutions for industry challenges. Advario has chosen to focus on optimising the design of floating photovoltaic platforms to address operational and safety risks while maximising solar energy generation.

With Advario’s terminals covering vast spaces on land and sea, the company recognises the potential of utilising the unused sea spaces for the deployment of FPVs. This approach aligns with Singapore’s national target of deploying at least 2 gigawatt-peak of solar energy by 2030.

Through collaboration and the inclusion of external perspectives, Advario hopes to become partners for progress in overcoming the obstacles that impede the wider adoption of FPV systems in Singapore. By leading this challenge, Advario aims to contribute to the industry and Singapore at large, while also supporting national and Jurong Island’s local decarbonisation efforts.

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9th November 2023