Advario has applied for the initiation of a zoning procedure for the construction of an ethylene terminal in Brunsbüttel, Germany, marking a significant step towards the further expansion of the tank farm for the import and export of climate-friendly energy sources and chemicals.

Today, Advario announced its application to the city of Brunsbüttel for the initiation of a zoning procedure according to § 12 para. 1 BauGB for the establishment of a project-related development plan. This development plan represents a crucial milestone for the planned construction and operation of an ethylene terminal in the Ostermoor port in Brunsbüttel. Collaborating with Sasol Germany, Advario initiated a technical study in 2022 for the development of an ethylene terminal in the Ostermoor port and is currently in the approval planning phase.

The terminal aims to supply Sasol Germany’s site, located in the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel and in operation since 1961, with ethylene. With an investment volume in the three-digit million range, the project plans to import ethylene for Sasol Germany’s production processes in approximately four years, utilising a ship terminal to be constructed for sea-based imports. The terminal, boasting a tank capacity of 30,000 m³, will be capable of storing both conventional ethylene and ethylene from renewable or circular sources.

Building upon the project with Sasol, Advario aims to expand the planned terminal in the coming years through further site developments in the Ostermoor port. Through the import and export of climate-friendly energy sources and chemicals, Advario aims to enable climate-neutral production processes in close cooperation with industrial companies based in northern Germany.

Douglas van der Wiel, chief growth officer at Advario, expressed pride in developing the Ethylene Terminal in the ChemCoast Park Brunsbüttel, highlighting the company’s excitement to drive the project forward with long-standing customer and partner Sasol. Van der Wiel emphasised the increasing demand for climate-friendly energy and raw materials in Germany and Advario’s commitment to making an active contribution to the German energy transition with its decades of experience and technical capabilities in tank farm logistics.

Dr. Jens Straatmann, managing director of Sasol Germany GmbH, highlighted the importance of the collaboration with Advario in ensuring a reliable supply of ethylene for Sasol’s production processes. He emphasised that the terminal’s construction would create the possibility to import ethylene from renewable or circular sources, thus contributing to a more sustainable future. Straatmann expressed satisfaction in realising the project with their long-standing partner, Advario.

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17th April 2024