Advario, a leading provider of storage and logistics solutions for the energy and chemical industry, recently observed its Global Safety Day. The event brought together employees and contractor partners from all Advario terminals, offices, and major project sites across the globe, including China, the US, Singapore, and northern Europe. The primary focus of the day was to emphasise the importance of safe and reliable operations while ensuring the well-being of all individuals involved.

Given the nature of Advario’s business, safety is always a top priority. Dealing with toxic, flammable, and pressurised substances requires constant attention and strict adherence to safety protocols. With large and bustling sites that involve ongoing maintenance and construction work, even small errors can have severe consequences.

Advario places a strong emphasis on creating a safety culture that prioritizes its people. The company believes in fostering a safe environment through promoting the right behaviors, raising awareness, and encouraging open communication. Since initiating the Global Safety Day in 2017, Advario has seen continuous improvement in its safety performance.

This year’s theme, #BecauseIcare, highlighted the personal reflection of each individual’s commitment to safety and the actions they take to ensure the well-being of themselves and their colleagues. Locally, each Advario location added a personal touch to the programme, organising workshops, team-building activities, and celebrations that resonated with their unique work culture.

Advario takes great pride in the dedication of its employees and the progress made in enhancing safety across the organisation. By putting people first and empowering them to contribute to a culture of safety, Advario aims to create an environment where everyone can work confidently and return home safely at the end of their shift.

The success of the Global Safety Day reaffirms Advario’s ongoing commitment to prioritise safety and well-being in all aspects of its operations.

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22nd September 2023