Tank inspection is imperative for structurally sound, clean and safe water tanks. Without inspections, issues can arise quickly and sludge can build, compromising the integrity and cleanliness of the tank.

Deep Trekker said: “Being on top of your assets will allow you to prioritise repair and replacement schedules. Many tank manufacturers offer warranties and having tanks inspected are typically needed to keep up with the warranty.

“Effective inspection and cleaning is crucial for good water maintenance. Over time, sediment sinks to the bottom. Even your drinking water has some particles and minerals in it. Small amounts of sediment have no impact on the quality of the water or the health of those who drink it, it also has next to zero impact on the structural integrity of the storage tank.

“However, over time as that sediment builds up and mixes into thicker sludge material, it can have impacts on the water quality and on the structure of the tank. Any tank manufacturer recommends regular water tower inspections and subsequent cleaning of the tanks to ensure long-term integrity, extend the tank life and avoid costly repairs.”

Deep Trekker has produced a step-by-step guide to basic tank inspection and cleaning with Deep Trekker vehicles, such as the DT640 VAC, DTG3, and DT640 MAX.

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20th April 2021